“Cyber Celebrities” (BCM112 Week 10)


There are many people, in a range of fields, with a range of interests, that have successfully created public personas. Whether that be through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any of the many other choices. When successful, the uploader has forged a path for themselves that others care about, a path their followers wish to take with them, and thus begins the life of a cuber celebrity.


The Internet of Things Will Transform the World (BCM112 Week 9)

Transformations can be a makeover, it can be a revolution, it can cause something amazing. In the case of the Internet of Things transformations allow humans, animals and innominate objects to communicate with each other. Sounds basic, but it’s actually in incredibly intricate idea, it is an extremely fascinating technological advancement to.

Imagine waking up and your alarm has told your coffee pot to brew you a fresh cup. Imagine farmers being notified if their animals are in need of veterinary assistance. Imagine the joints of the Sydney Harbour Bridge communicating to each other. Imagine robots working together to replicate scientific experiments so precisely.

This form of communication can be achieved through sensors talking to each other and “making decisions” based on the circumstances presented. It will alter the functionality of every living and non-living thing, and it is aimed to optimise these functions. It is happening now in varying degrees. It is changing the way we think about every object, and how every object can be used.

WikiLeaks as Journalists? (BCM112 Week 8)

Wikileaks is an “international, non-profit, journalistic organisation” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WikiLeaks) which became famous after launching a website filled with over 1.2 million documents from various governments, many which were classified documents. The group was deplored by the United States government for exposing classified information, as well as several human rights organisations for the use of names of those working with governments globally. However, many praised them, as the UK Information Commissioner stated, “wikiLeaks is part of the phenomenon of the online, empowered citizen.” (Curtis, 2010). The group also received several awards from the Economist and Amnesty International, among others.


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Since the organisation are considered “citizen journalists”, they have more freedom than your typical journalist. Unlike journalists, they are not bound by the same code of ethics. However, it can be seen as a “public service”, and in turn, be seen as ethically right (in spite of their legal troubles).


Disney and Transmedia Storytelling (BCM112 Week 7)

Disney, and all its entities, have created limitless points of entry for audiences. This allows for optimum audience engagements through film, television, music, recreational activities, and travel opportunities.


The Face of a Song Is Really All That We Care About (BCM112 Week 6)

When looking at singers, we the audience tend to give them the credit. Who wins the Grammy? Beyoncé, but it was Terius “The-Dream” Nash, Thaddis “Kuk” Harrell, and Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, alongside Beyoncé who wrote Single Ladies, Nash and Stewart who produced it, and Jaycen Joshua and Dave Pensado who mixed it. It was a team. Look at Ed Sheeran, many of his songs were written (or co-written) by himself. At his concerts he has physically made the music himself onstage with guitars and sung the songs, but he wasn’t alone when making the concert. There are his managers, his publicists, the marketing team, the choreographer, his vocal coach, and the backstage crew who put the show together.

I’m not denying the contribution, or in any way saying they are undeserving of their praise (I love both Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran). However, I do believe that the praise needs to be more evenly distributed. Which cannot be as easy as I would hope. Where does the line end? How do we know what contributions really benefitted the final product and which didn’t? Should the grammy really be awarded to Tina and Mathew Knowles for creating Beyoncé? What about The Beatles and Eminem, two of Ed Sheeran’s self-described influences? Should they all be compensated for their influence on Sheeran and his success?

Probably not. Beyoncé definitely wasn’t built alone, there’s a whole world behind her, helping her become the star we all know. So why don’t we hear about them?

It’s Not Enough To Just “See” the Image (BCM110 Week 4)

Each and every person can look at the same image and come up with a different interpretation. Which is odd, seeing as the image itself is not altered or changed, it is the perspectives, views and experiences we have that shape the way we view images.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.13.49 pm

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.14.00 pm


This image is of a man wearing lots of jewellery including gold chains, gold rings and a gold watch, these pieces are shown in close up images on the right side of the image. He is wearing a striped and colourful open shirt showing off his tattoos, a black hat sitting backwards on his head and black sunglasses.

It’s not enough to just have the chain, the watch and rings in his picture, but there was also a need to take shots of specific pieces and put them in a collage format. I personally look at it and immediately just think excess and in-your-face. Isn’t this what they want to achieve though, something “other worldly”, something for their fans and listeners to aspire to be? The short answer is yes.

Rappers and hip-hop artists don’t just sell their music, they sell their lifestyle and themselves, “With hip hop you’re buying more than music. It isn’t a genre—it’s a lifestyle” (http://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/features/hip-hop-bling-capitalism-business). It has been this way since the beginning of rap and hip-hop, you look at how the fashion and way in which rappers (and artists) express themselves, and how this has influenced the way in which their fans dress and express themselves. Especially in this day and age where social media is an integral part of an artists success, the saturation of images of excess wealth and exaggerated luxuries appeal to the audiences. Reading the comments, Tyga’s fans worship him, he’s built a persona for himself as a “King” (with his Instagram name being “kinggoldchains”), and this persona is what has helped him develop a strong fan base.

“Rap [and hip hop] culture in general is about flashiness. It’s not enough to “make it,” you have to show and tell everyone around you that you’ve made it” (http://www.quora.com/Why-do-all-rappers-wear-chains), this statement can be heavily supported by the images you encounter when searching “Jay Z instagram”, “Kanye West instagram”, “Chris Brown instagram”.

The image above is supposed to show off Tyga’s wealth and the lavish life he leads, a life that is well beyond what a majority of his listeners will ever lead. Realistically, most people (probably) know that they will not have as much money to spend as Tyga and all these other artists do. However, the social media platforms allow us to live vicariously through them, and while we still see these public figures as different to you or me, there is still a connection made between the artist and the audience.

“They are selling a dream to their listeners, so it is in their best interest to flaunt their wealth and success. For a rapper, it is really part of the costume, just as a country artist might wear boots or a cowboy hat.” (http://www.quora.com/Why-do-all-rappers-wear-chains) So while it is easy to think artists like Kanye West, Tyga and Chris Brown are going overboard with their personas, we need to remember that it is all part of the package and it is all part of the experience.